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C.K. McClatchy Award

Honors a long-term commitment to trees at the regional or community level. This award honors a person whose pursuit of the greening of Sacramento has become synonymous with that of C.K. McClatchy, who championed the importance of trees.

Austin B. Carroll Award

Honors a wide range of tree planting, care and stewardship efforts, as well as effective education and public awareness activities. This award is presented to an organization, institution or corporation whose work sets a worthy example for others to follow.

Growing Greenprint Award

Honors a government jurisdiction in the Sacramento region that has made noteworthy contributions toward improving their communities by building a better urban forest. Such contributions may include advances in tree planting and management, the development of community partnerships, and the establishment of sound urban forest policies.

Legacy Award

Honors a tree, landscape or woodland. This award recognizes the innate worthiness of a tree or landscape, as well as the beauty and value of these living entities.

Nominations for 2018 Tree Heroes are now open! Due by April 1.

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