Help us Save our Elms: Take a Walk, Save a Tree

2017 Training Dates

Want to join our team of citizen scientists this year? Check out the dates for our upcoming trainings for the Save The Elms Program. 

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About STEP

For more than 30 years we have trained volunteers to advocate and care for our urban forest. The Save The Elms Program builds on that foundation by training citizen scientists to help identify Dutch elm disease symptoms in order to slow the spread of the disease.

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Want to know if there are elms needing monitoring in your neighborhood? Check out GreenprintMaps and find out! In addition to seeing where our elms are located, you can also learn about their incredible value to our community. Annually, our public elm trees save us more than $200,000 through energy conservation, carbon storage, air quality improvements and so much more.  » Check it Out »

STEP Citizen Scientist

Interested in helping the Sacramento Tree Foundation and the City of Sacramento identify elm trees that may be infected by Dutch elm disease? Save The Elms Program (STEP) Citizen Scientists will help us identify unhealthy trees by visually monitoring public elms throughout the summer.

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Meet our Expert Task Force

Our Expert Task Force ensures STEP efforts are science based, locally appropriate, and measurable. 

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Save The Elms Program Celebrates Success!

It's a wrap! 2016 was a pilot year for our Save The Elms Program as we brought it back from a multi-year hiatus. For year one, we had the simple goal of training 50 volunteers to monitor at least 500 of our approximately 2200 public elm trees. Great news, we sprinted past our goals with 50 volunteers monitoring 750+ elms, 34% of the population! What's more? 25 of those volunteers attended our STEP celebration to offer advice and guidance for STEP 2017.

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Save The Elms Training Success Story!

Chronicles of the Sacramento Elms: Part 2

Chronicles of the Sacramento Elms: Part 1

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Trees for Neighborhoods

The NeighborWoods Program is your opportunity to grow the forest in your very own neighborhood! This program focuses on building investment in your neighborhood by working toward a greater, greener vision through trees. Work directly with one of our expert Community Foresters to plant the right trees in the right places throughout your neighborhood and maximize the many benefits of trees for your community.

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Choose the Best Tree for your Space!

Find ideal trees for your space by searching our Shady Eighty database for tree characteristics you’re most interested in! We created a list of the very best trees for our region and now you can easily search our online database for trees that meet your needs. Happy planting!

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Tree Tour of CSUS' Arboretum

University Arboretum at California State University, Sacramento

Saturday, April 29 10:00A - 12:00P

Join the Sacramento Tree Foundation on a free guided tour of CSUS' Arboretum to learn all about the historic, unique, and unusual specimens found there in celebration of Arbor Day. Founded in 1959 on what used to be a pear orchard and hop ranch, the University Arboretum is located on a 3-acre site and features over 1,200 trees and botanical gardens.

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Tree Tour of Capitol Park

California State Capitol Park, Sacramento

Saturday, May 13 10:30A - 12:15P

Join the Sacramento Tree Foundation on a fascinating, guided walk through the iconic Capitol Park with local expert David Dudley. Covering forty acres and spanning 12 city blocks, it contains trees from almost every part of the globe. This tour highlights some of the unique, unusual, and historic specimens found there. You will also have a lot of fun learning about the history of Capitol Park, the value of our urban forest, and much more.

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