The Sacramento Tree Foundation is a community benefit organization working to build healthy, livable communities in the Sacramento region by growing the best urban forest in the nation. 

Since 1982, we have been building partnerships and empowering communities to envision the best places to live and invest in their urban forest. We do this by educating, advocating and lending support for tree plantings.

Why trees? Because...

Cool breezes grow here.

Shade trees shield our homes, roadways, and parking lots from the scorching summer heat. Shade trees can lower a household's cooling costs by nearly one-third - saving money while keep us comfortable. Homes with shade trees also have higher property values.

Healthy bodies grow here.

Trees and green spaces can improve our health. People are more likely to be physically active in neighborhoods where trees are plentiful. Areas with trees invite contemplation and recreation --essential for restoring our bodies and minds.

Friendships grow here.

Trees bring people together. They create social spaces where people gather and foster a sense of belonging. Neighborhoods with green spaces are tighter-knit, safer, and more livable.

Fresh air grows here.

Trees are nature's way of cleaning our air. Tree leaves absorb pollutants, produce oxygen, and make cleaner air for us to breathe.

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Restoring Nature to our Neighborhoods

Join us on Thursday, January 26 at The Guild Theater to hear from local leaders and advocates who share our commitment to restoring nature to our neighborhoods! The sixth Greenpint Summit will feature inspiring speakers showcasing research and projects that prove the many benefits of trees as well as case studies demonstrating successful community-led urban greening projects. See our Playbill and read more about our show.

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Top 5 Evergreen Trees

Trees are a tool to fight Inequality

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Dedicate a Tree

Planting a tree is one way to establish a living memorial that will bring peace, joy and security for generations. Likewise, the planting of a tree can be a gratifying act, which honors the memory of a friend or relative, or recognizes a special person or occasion.

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Plant a Tree

Learn the answers to these questions:

  • How wide should I dig the hole when I plant shade trees?
  • How high above the soil level should the top of the root ball be?

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NeighborWoods Planting at Will C. Wood Middle School

Will C. Wood Middle School, Sacramento

Saturday, January 21 8:30A - 12:00P

At the Sacramento Tree Foundation, our vision is to bring beautiful, tree-lined streets, shaded parks and schools, and full-canopy forests to the entire Sacramento community. YOU can be a part of this journey by joining us at Will C Wood Middle School as we plant new shade and evergreen trees, mulch, and start a fruit tree orchard on campus.

This event is full. Please check back later to see if any spots are available.


2017 Home & Landscape Expo

Cal Expo

Friday, January 27 10:00A

Once the holiday dust has settled, come visit us at California’s largest three day Home & Landscape Expo, January 27-29, 2017. Sacramento Tree Foundation staff and volunteers will be there to share information about our various programs; give quick tips on pruning and winter tree care; and we’ll even bring along a few Certified Arborists to answer your specific tree questions (so bring us pictures)! We even have FREE TICKETS to share!

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