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How to Find a Reliable Tree Care Company

Follow these helpful tips to ensure you get professional and correct tree work for your mature trees. Improper tree work can cause irreparable damage to your tree and may end up costing you a considerable amount of time and money. Hire a Certified Arborist as if your tree's life depends on it!

What is a Certified Arborist?

A certified arborist is a specialist trained in the care of trees. Certified arborists are knowledgeable about the needs of trees and are educated and equipped to provide proper diagnostic and treatment services.

Certification is offered by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Each qualifying arborist is assigned a certification number, which is retained throughout his or her professional life.

It is the right of those hiring a tree care company to request the current status of their certified arborists and to request their certification number.

You can find a list of Certified arborists in your area and confirm the arborist’s certification using the ISA website.

How to Hire a Tree Care Company

Hire a company with a current business license in your city or county. Request proof of the company’s insurance policies.

Besides ISA certification and business licensing, ask about and verify:

Remember, almost anyone can obtain a business license, and that alone is no guarantee of quality work or that adequate insurance policies are in place.

Always ask for references and take the time to check them. Ask for the address and location of trees they have worked on recently, so you may see examples of their work.

Always get more than one bid and examine the bid specifications.

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If you have any questions about hiring a Certified arborist or reliable tree company, please call Sacramento Tree Foundation at (916) 924-8733 or email TreeTips@sactree.com.

Note: Per organizational policy, the Sacramento Tree Foundation does not endorse private arborists, tree care companies or consultants.