Learn to plant and maintain strong, healthy trees that will thrive for generations.

Why Plant Trees?

Trees work for us non-stop. They are a legacy we plant and leave for many generations – impacting our city with better quality of life, business climate, and sense of place. Trees clean our air and water, save energy, provide habitat for wildlife, reduce water runoff and erosion, and increase property values. There are just so many reasons to plant trees!

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Before You Plant

Selecting the right tree for the right spot is the first step when thinking about planting your new tree. Before you plant watch our Right Tree in the Right Place video, use our Greenprint Tree Guide (.pdf) to select the best tree for your home, and learn how to choose the best quality tree from a nursery.

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How to Plant

Yes, there are right and wrong ways to plant a tree. By following our best planting practices, your tree will get the best start for a long and healthy life. Watch our planting video to see best planting practices in action.

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Caring for your Tree

It takes most newly planted trees three years to establish a solid root system and strong trunk. Your watchful care during this time will grow a stronger, more healthy tree. Attend one of our free young tree pruning clinics to learn how to shape your tree and sign up for to receive our seasonal tree tips by email.

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Teach Kids about the Urban Forest

Seed to Seedling is an award-winning California native oak curriculum for 3rd and 4th graders that meets California content standards. Kids learn about natural and cultural history of California's native oaks and the incredible benefits of trees. Educators will find the curriculum flexible, easy to use, and fun! Educators in the Sacramento region can participate in our seedling growing program and have their students plant acorns and grow seedlings on their classroom windowsill.

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Be an Advocate for Trees

Planting 5 million more trees will require help from everyone in our community. Get involved in the Greenprint intiative, our bold vision to enhance the quality of life in our region by expanding the urban forest and maximizing the benefits of trees

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Greenprint Summit 2014

Everyone knows the basics – trees clean our air and give us shade. It’s common knowledge that trees are good. But, we’re really just beginning to learn how good they truly are. In January, Greenprint Summit 2014 brought together some of the most advanced research from all over the country to connect the dots between trees and public health.

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Trees and Drought

Can’t See the Forest for the Redwood

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Hire a Reliable Tree Care Company

Improper tree work can cause irreparable damage to your tree and may end up costing you a considerable amount of time and money. Follow these guidelines to ensure professional tree work and safe, healthy trees.

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Stake a Young Tree

After planting your tree, remove the nursery stake, which is the thin pole tied to the tree. If the tree cannot stand upright by itself, support it by placing two stakes at least 18 inches from both sides of the trunk.

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River Park Neighborhood Tree Tour

Saturday, April 26 10:00A - 11:30A

Grab your walking shoes, the kids and the dog. This tour will take you through the trees of the River Park Neighborhood. Find out how you can make your neighborhood a NeighborWood!


Capitol Park Tree Tour

Saturday, May 10 10:30A - 12:00P

Spend an early Saturday afternoon walking under the canopy of one of Sacramento's most recognizable parks. Learn about the diverse species represented here.