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Our Individual Members

Thank you to our members, who are helping us to grow a healthier, more livable Sacramento region by building the best regional urban forest in the nation.

Valley Oak Members ($1,000)

Della Gilleran and Gerry McIntyre 

Dorothy Cousins

Ann Kohl

William Ishmael and David Gibson 

Melissa Williams 

Jeff and Theresa Townsend 

Colleen Cadwallader 

Autumn Gold Gingko Members ($500)

Patricia and David Schwartz

Silvana Volpe and John Warren

Mary Jo and Jim Streng 

Jacob and Beth Appelsmith

Charles Metzinger

Claudia Kirkpatrick

 Ray and Judy Tretheway 

Chinese Pistache Member ($250)

Linda Hite

Lee Garrison and Linda Budge

David K. Baker

Nathan Schumacher

Sue Mortensen and Roger Lieberman

Allan and Norma Lammers

Robert Frickey

Randy and Patricia Getz

Pam Bone

Worth and Janet Summers

Martin Helmke and Joan Frye

Peggy and Bruce Kennedy 

We would also like to thank our members at the Forest, Tree and Seedling levels!

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