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Celebrating 30 Years at the Tree Hero Awards Dinner

Printemps à Paris

May 23, 2012

Cleaner air, healthier communities, and economic prosperity are the result of a healthy urban forest. For this reason, our region's long-term health, economic vitality and quality of life depend on investing in and maximizing the benefits of our urban forest — it depends on our commitment to trees and to those that champion them.

Since 2002, the Sacramento Tree Foundation has organized Sacramento's preeminent environmental awards program which celebrates local Tree Heroes. There are four Tree Hero Awards:

  • C.K. McClatchy Award honors a person whose pursuit of the greening of Sacramento has become synonymous with that of C.K. McClatchy, who championed the importance of trees.
  • Austin B. Carroll Award honors an organization, institution or corporation whose tree planting, care and stewardship efforts, as well as effective education and public awareness activities set a worthy example for others to follow.
  • Growing Greenprint Award honors a government jurisdiction in the Sacramento region that has made noteworthy contributions toward improving their communities by building a better urban forest.
  • Legacy Award honors a tree, landscape or woodland and recognizes the innate worthiness of a tree or landscape, as well as the beauty and value of these living entities.

Since we are celebrating our 30th anniversary, this will be an extra special Tree Hero Awards event. To recognize Sacramento as "second only to Paris" in terms of street trees per capita, our theme will be "Paris in Springtime." (By the way, we believe that Sacramento can boast MORE street trees per capita that Paris!)

There are two ways to support this special event: Nominate a Tree Hero and purchase tickets or become a sponsor.