We offer expertise, training, tools, and advice so that we may empower our community to plant, protect, and learn about trees.


Our Native Trees in Urban and Rural Environments Program (NATURE) offers native tree mitigation services for the Sacramento region. Though it is always best to retain trees in their original locations and to employ good design practices to retain native trees within development projects, sometimes trees must be removed to allow site development.

The NATURE program works to provide off-site mitigation options and works closely with agencies such as the Sacramento County Division of Environmental Review and Assessment. NATURE is able to provide a full-service mitigation program with the additional benefit of providing educational programs and community involvement projects with each mitigation project undertaken. To date the NATURE program has planted and cared for over 15,000 mitigation trees in the Sacramento region.

For more information, please contact the NATURE Director at (916) 924-8733 ext 125 or