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Planting Trees for Wildlife

Over 20 new trees were planted at the Wildlife Care Association on June 13th. With the help of volunteers and expertise from Sacramento Tree Foundation, these new trees will grow to provide shade, shelter, and habitat.

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Tree Hero Awards 2015

Big Day of Giving Success

$470,000 Grant Awarded for Plumas Lake Project

Evaluating Trees for Our Future Climate

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Plant a Tree

Learn the answers to these questions:

  • How wide should I dig the hole when I plant shade trees?
  • How high above the soil level should the top of the root ball be?

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Care for Trees During Drought

As California's drought conditions worsen, its imperative we restrict our water usage while also ensuring our trees survive. 

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East Sacramento Neighborhood Drought Workshop

Clunie Clubhouse at McKinley Park

Wednesday, July 22 6:30A - 8:30A

City Councilmember Jeff Harris is sponsoring a series of special Drought Workshops for neighborhoods throughout Council District 3. This workshop will teach residents how to care for trees during the drought and is open to to East Sacramento only.

Wildlife Refuge Site Clean Up

Saturday, July 25 8:00A - 12:00P

Space is limited for this small event. Enjoy time in a closed area of Stone Lakes Wildlife Refuge, cleaning up one of our closed tree mitigation sites.

Please note that volunteers must be a minimum of 12 years old, and that ticks and paper wasps are present in this location.