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Chestnut-leaf Oak

A magnificent round-headed deciduous oak tree in maturity. Native to the Caucasus region and Iran.


Scientific Name:
Quercus castaneafolia
Mature Height:
Mature Spread:
7 1/2" x 3", oblong or narrowly oval with sharply pointed teeth. Dark glossy green above, minute gray down beneath. Fall color is usually yellow.
Inconspicuous catkins appear with new leaves.
Acorns to 1 1/2" long, ripen in the second year.
Root System:
No large surface roots.
Growth Rate:
Fast growing with regular watering.
Cultural Notes:
Adaptable to many soils. Drought tolerant.
Sacramento Specimen:
Davis Arboretum has specimen over 40 years old.

Minimum Planting Distances

  • from SMUD pad mounted equipment (such as a transformer mounted on a concrete pad): 8 feet
  • from a building foundation: 15 feet
  • from walks and driveways: 8 feet
  • from an air conditioner: 8 feet
  • from a fence: 6 feet
  • from a utility offset (such as an underground line, pipe or cable): 6 feet
  • from a utility overhead (such as an overhead power line): 30 feet
  • from a swimming pool: 15 feet
  • from a septic system: 15 feet
  • between trees: 25 feet