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Greenprint Summit 2014

A Tremendous Success

Everyone knows the basics – trees clean our air and give us shade. It’s common knowledge that trees are good. But, we’re really just beginning to learn how good they truly are. In January, Greenprint Summit 2014 brought together some of the most advanced research from all over the country to connect the dots between trees and public health.

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Trees and Drought

The Sacramento region has experienced a record number of days with no rain and our water supply is alarmingly low. But what about the trees in your yard and the trees in our community? How do we keep young and mature trees healthy while also being water wise?

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Can’t See the Forest for the Redwood

Coast Redwood (sequoia sempervirens) is a forest tree with a native range along the coast of central and northern California. It has been cultivated for use in non-coastal and non-forest landscapes with results that are not always favorable to growth or long term establishment.

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Sacramento urban forest makes Top 10 list

By Matt Weiser, Sacramento Bee

Sacramento's urban tree canopy has been named one of the 10 best urban forests in America.

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Blue Trees

Media Advisory

The Blue Trees, will be installed in Sacramento this week, and will last approximately six months. Learn more about where and why!

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Blue Trees Art Installation Coming to Sacramento

SacTown Magazine

Get ready to paint the town…blue.

On Oct. 9, Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos will begin coloring about 20 sycamore trees on both sides of 13th street between J and K streets in downtown Sacramento, flanked by the convention center and the Sheraton Grand Hotel.

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Midtown bids goodbye to iconic tree

By Melanie Turner, Staff Writer Sacramento Business Journal

Midtown residents and business owners gathered Tuesday evening to say their final good-byes to the giant camphor tree at the corner of 18th Street and Capitol Avenue.

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Sacramento's Camphor Tree

Midtown Sacramento's most famous tree was the commanding camphor tree at corner of 18th Street and Capitol Avenue. It became diseased several months ago and came down on August 22, 2012...after standing for 126 years. See it in all it's glory in this video.

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A giant is leaving the 'City of Trees'

By Ryan Lillis, Sacramento Bee

Through it all, the sprawling camphor tree at 18th Street and Capitol Avenue became a Sacramento landmark. Now, riddled with disease, it must be felled, city officials say.

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Caring for Trees in our Mediterranean Climate

Our community would look barren if not for mature trees.

Our community would look barren if not for mature trees. Canopies that create shade and cool the air help humans to withstand summers in Sacramento’s hot Mediterranean climate.

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2012 Leadership Award

Honored by Breathe Califrornia of Sacramento

Thank you to Breathe California of Sacramento for honoring the Sacramento Tree Foundation with its Leadership Award. This award recognizes exemplary leadership in directly improving air quality in a neighborhood, local community, city or county. Thank you to the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (SMAQMD) for nominating us.

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3 Easy Tips to Start the Watering Season Right

Wet winters and dry summers are the norm for the Sacramento region. Plants that thrive here do best when not over watered during the non-rainy months. Start the warmer season right with a water schedule. Here are three tips to help you plan.

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Top ten reasons to become a member of the Sacramento Tree Foundation

Members are the life line of our mission. See the top ten reasons why you should contribute today.

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Sacramento Sister Cities Ring in New Year by Planting Trees

Sacramento’s Sister City Grove

Where can one find a willow, cherry, and olive tree together in the same grove? As of Saturday, January 21, these trees and more can be found at the freshly planted "Sister City Grove." Located on the grounds of the South Natomas Community Center, the Grove is accessible to all Sacramentans. It serves as a symbol of the connections forged between the City of Sacramento and its nine sister cities. The individual trees represent the natural history of each sister city and were selected by sister city representatives for their significance to each city’s local culture.

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2011 Local Vision Award

Presented by the American Planning Association

On January 11, 2012, the Sacramento Tree Foundation won the 2011 Local Vision Award presented by the California Chapter Sacramento Valley American Planning Association.

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Esurance Sponsors

AND Gets Dirty!

From their nearly paperless customer experience and carbon offsets, to tree plantings and eco-events throughout the country, Esurance strives to make the world a greener place. This week more than 40 Esurance employees will join the Sacramento Tree Foundation in planting trees at Breen and Wesley Parks and in the Sunset West Open Space in Rocklin.

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Why Cover Your Ashalt?

It’s the middle of summer and the temperature is 103 degrees. Given a choice between a parking spot in the blazing sun and one in the shade, which do you choose??

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Trees and Air Quality

A Great Combination

We all know that trees make oxygen and clean the air. Now trees are being recognized as an innovative solution for dealing with air pollution in our region.


Thanks to a partnership called “Urban Forests for Clean Air” with the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (SMAQMD), four other local air quality districts, and the Sacramento Tree Foundation, trees are included in the Air Quality District's plan to reduce ground level ozone, which is an air pollutant. Once approved, the plan will become an update to the California State Implementation Plan for Air Quality.


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Letter to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Vegetation Variance

2008 Environmental and Economic Leadership Award

Awarded by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

California's highest and most prestigious environmental honor.

2008 Best Urban Forestry Program

Awarded by the Calfornia Urban Forests Council

For our Leading Education and Awareness in urban Forestry (LEAF) program.

2007 Award of Excellence for Community Trees

Honored by The Home Depot Foundation and the U.S. Conference of Mayors

2007 Citizen Group for Clean Air Award

Presented by Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails

2006 Regional Organization of the Year

Honored by the Sacramento Area of Council Governments

For exemplary efforts at increasing sustainability and livability by expanding urban forests and optimizing the benefits of tree canopies.

2006 Oustanding Urban Forestry Project of the Year

Presented by the California Urban Forests Council

2006 Gold Leaf Award for the Greenprint Initiative

Presented by the Western Chapter of International Arboriculture

2005 Gold Leaf Award

Presented by the Western Chapter of International Arboriculture

For outstanding landscape beautification activities.

2005 NieighborWoods Award

Awarded by the Alliance for Community Trees and the Home Depot Foundation

For building healthy and sustainable communities.

2003 National Arbor Day Foundation Award

In recognition of the Sacramento Northern Railroad Parkway Project.

2003 National Arbor Day Foundation Award

In recognition of the Sacramento Northern Railroad Parkway Project.