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We Want You!

If you are looking for an exciting and challenging job working for an organization dedicated to protecting natural resources through direct advocacy and community engagement, look no more. We are searching for an enthusiastic, committed, fun-loving team member to develop, manage, and implement programs and projects related to tree mitigation, site monitoring, land enhancement, and land assessment.

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Cap & Trade Funds for our Urban Forest

The Sacramento Tree Foundation and more than 100 national, state, regional and local organizations are working together to ensure that urban forestry and urban greening play a significant role in meeting the greenhouse gas reduction targets set forth in AB 32 as well as meeting the mandates set forth in AB 1532 and SB 535. Read our joint letter submitted to Senate Presidet de Leon and Speaker Atkins.

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Kick-off Planting at Bear River a HUGE Success!

Our first day of planting the Bear River Habitat Trail, our newest project site located in Yuba County, was a grand success!

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Join us at the 2016 Home & Landscape Expo

It’s been too long since we’ve seen you! Come visit the Sacramento Tree Foundation at California’s largest three day Home & Landscape Expo, January 29– 31, 2016.

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Winter Tree Tips: Leafing your tree alone is a bad idea!

After another hot, dry summer, we now face the likelihood of an El Nino weather pattern this winter. While the possibility of extra precipitation is certainly welcome to our parched region, what might the storms do to our trees? Or, if we do not get much rain and the drought continues, how do we prepare?

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Announcing our New Education Programs Manager

We are happy to introduce our new Education Programs Manager, Pamela Sanchez. For almost ten years, Pamela has perfected her skills as an expert Community Forester educating property owners about the value of trees and how to optimize their benefits through strategic placement and species selection. Pamela is especially interested in and skilled at teaching people how to plant and care for their trees to ensure their long and healthy survival. Pamela received her degree in Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry from UC Davis and is a Certified Arborist - Municipal Specialist. Learn a little more about Pamela and her love of our urban forest.

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A Successful Acorn Harvest

The acorn harvest is coming to a close early here on the valley floor. Beginning in mid-September, Sacramento Tree Foundation staff, interns, and volunteers have been busy locating, learning about, and carefully harvesting this years nuts that will become next years seedling trees. So far 4,500 acorns have been collected - and our volunteers will keep collecting to reach our goal of 5,000!

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Sacramento Shade program marks 25th anniversary

SMUD/Sacramento Tree Foundation partnership has delivered more than 500,000 free shade trees since 1990

SMUD and the Sacramento Tree Foundation recently celebrated 25 years of partnership with the planting of a ceremonial willow oak at the southeast corner of SMUD’s Headquarters building. The partnership—known as the Sacramento Shade program—has delivered more than half a million free shade trees to residences and businesses since 1990.

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Watering Trees is Wise, Not Wasteful

As Californians cut back on water use during this historic drought, they may not realize the impact it will have on surrounding trees. A simple and urgent message is now being broadcast across California: Save Our Water and Our Trees.

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Fire Blight

Fire blight is having a big impact on our region's trees this year. Learn more about the symptoms and treatment of this potentially deadly disease.

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Signs of Autumn are Here Too Soon

It looks like autumn already - trees are losing leaves and many are turning color earlier than usual. These early signs of dormancy could be caused by severe drought stress.

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Urban Wood Rescue

With funding through Cal Fire’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Fund, Sacramento Tree Foundation is preparing to rescue and reuse urban trees that need to be removed due to disease, pests, or safety issues.

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Urban Forest Assessment

Our Urban Forest Assessment interns have been working hard this summer to collect important data from around the region. This data will help us understand and quantify the many benefits our urban forest provides.

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NeighborWoods Project Receives Grant Funds

Sacramento Tree Foundation is awarded two grants by the CAL FIRE Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. One of these newly funded projects will correct the imbalance of tree canopy by empowering South Sacramento neighborhoods.

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Planting Trees for Wildlife

Over 20 new trees were planted at the Wildlife Care Association on June 13th. With the help of volunteers and expertise from Sacramento Tree Foundation, these new trees will grow to provide shade, shelter, and habitat.

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Tree Hero Awards 2015

From scientific research to Sacramento's sacred elms, the 2015 Tree Hero Awards was a true celebration of our region's local tree heroes. It seemed the entire community came out to celebrate with us for a beautiful evening under the oaks.

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Big Day of Giving Success

The Big Day of Giving on May 5th raised an incredible amount of money for our entire region and exceeded the Tree Foundation's fundraising goal of $23,000!

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$470,000 Grant Awarded for Plumas Lake Project

Sacramento Tree Foundation has been awarded an Environmental Enhancement Mitigation Program grant from the California Natural Resources Agency for $468,523. This project will increase wildlife habitat and create a multi-use trail linking Plumas Lake to the Yuba County bike trail network.

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Evaluating Trees for Our Future Climate

In partnership with the City of Sacramento volunteers completed the last of three Climate Ready Trees planting events on Saturday March 14th.

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The Future is Bright Green

Del Dayo Elementary School

Del Dayo Elementary School is determined to provide a bright green future for its campus. With dedicated parents, teachers, students, and principal, this school took full advantage of the free Community Shade Program to make sure their trees stay healthy and strong.

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Arbor Day Celebrations

California Arbor Week and National Arbor Day are upon us! Check out the holiday events happening throughout our region and create a celebration of your own.

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Prune Those Trees!

Winter is a great season to prune your young trees. Good Day Sacramento joined us at the Folsom Library for one of our free pruning clinics to learn about the importance of pruning and how to keep young trees healthy and safe. Register for our last pruning clinic of the season or download the Pruning Guide for more information. 

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Sacramento has a rich history of planting trees

An Op Ed from The Sacramento Bee

Cheryl Dell of The Sacramento Bee recently joined our Board of Directors. She writes about her experience on the board and her new love of Sacramento's tree planting history in this Op Images article published on December 30, 2014.

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Stonelake Community Clean Up!

On November 22nd, volunteers removed 250 pounds of garbage from the Stonelake Community detention pond. Through our Watershed Wise Neighborhood project and volunteer events like this, the Stonelake community is learning how to use water wisely and keep our watershed healthy and clean.

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Is Water Conservation Killing Trees?

KCRA 3 Reports

KCRA 3 News interviews Sacramento Tree Foundation and Department of Water Resources experts. Learn what you can do to keep your trees healthy during a drought and irrigation restrictions. 

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Be Watershed Wise

Thanks to generous funding from the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment, the Stonelake Community of Elk Grove is learning how to become a Watershed Wise Neighborhood. Small actions at home can have a big, positive impact on the environment. Learn how you can help save water, save money, and keep your watersheds healthy.

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Summer Leaf Drop

In the fall and winter, deciduous trees drop their leaves and are dormant through the cold months. But, if your tree is losing its leaves during the summertime, it’s likely a sign of stress.

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Tree grant to bear fruit for north Sacramento

Published in Sac Bee By Isabelle Taft

Thanks to a national grant, the Sacramento Tree Foundation will plant 11 fruit and nut trees to increase access to nutritious food in north Sacramento.

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Caring for Trees in our Mediterranean Climate

Our community would look barren if not for mature trees.

Our community would look barren if not for mature trees. Canopies that create shade and cool the air help humans to withstand summers in Sacramento’s hot Mediterranean climate.

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Greenprint Summit 2014

A Tremendous Success

Everyone knows the basics – trees clean our air and give us shade. It’s common knowledge that trees are good. But, we’re really just beginning to learn how good they truly are. In January, Greenprint Summit 2014 brought together some of the most advanced research from all over the country to connect the dots between trees and public health.

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Trees and Drought

The Sacramento region has experienced a record number of days with no rain and our water supply is alarmingly low. But what about the trees in your yard and the trees in our community? How do we keep young and mature trees healthy while also being water wise?

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Sacramento urban forest makes Top 10 list

By Matt Weiser, Sacramento Bee

Sacramento's urban tree canopy has been named one of the 10 best urban forests in America.

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Sacramento's Camphor Tree

Midtown Sacramento's most famous tree was the commanding camphor tree at corner of 18th Street and Capitol Avenue. It became diseased several months ago and came down on August 22, 2012...after standing for 126 years. See it in all it's glory in this video.

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2012 Leadership Award

Honored by Breathe Califrornia of Sacramento

Thank you to Breathe California of Sacramento for honoring the Sacramento Tree Foundation with its Leadership Award. This award recognizes exemplary leadership in directly improving air quality in a neighborhood, local community, city or county. Thank you to the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (SMAQMD) for nominating us.

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3 Easy Tips to Start the Watering Season Right

Wet winters and dry summers are the norm for the Sacramento region. Plants that thrive here do best when not over watered during the non-rainy months. Start the warmer season right with a water schedule. Here are three tips to help you plan.

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Top ten reasons to become a member of the Sacramento Tree Foundation

Members are the life line of our mission. See the top ten reasons why you should contribute today.

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2011 Local Vision Award

Presented by the American Planning Association

On January 11, 2012, the Sacramento Tree Foundation won the 2011 Local Vision Award presented by the California Chapter Sacramento Valley American Planning Association.

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2008 Environmental and Economic Leadership Award

Awarded by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

California's highest and most prestigious environmental honor.

2008 Best Urban Forestry Program

Awarded by the Calfornia Urban Forests Council

For our Leading Education and Awareness in urban Forestry (LEAF) program.

2007 Award of Excellence for Community Trees

Honored by The Home Depot Foundation and the U.S. Conference of Mayors

2007 Citizen Group for Clean Air Award

Presented by Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails

2006 Regional Organization of the Year

Honored by the Sacramento Area of Council Governments

For exemplary efforts at increasing sustainability and livability by expanding urban forests and optimizing the benefits of tree canopies.

2006 Oustanding Urban Forestry Project of the Year

Presented by the California Urban Forests Council

2006 Gold Leaf Award for the Greenprint Initiative

Presented by the Western Chapter of International Arboriculture

2005 Gold Leaf Award

Presented by the Western Chapter of International Arboriculture

For outstanding landscape beautification activities.

2005 NieighborWoods Award

Awarded by the Alliance for Community Trees and the Home Depot Foundation

For building healthy and sustainable communities.

2003 National Arbor Day Foundation Award

In recognition of the Sacramento Northern Railroad Parkway Project.

2003 National Arbor Day Foundation Award

In recognition of the Sacramento Northern Railroad Parkway Project.