Hanami is the Japanese custom of flower viewing. The transient splendor of trees in bloom inspires people to come together for festivals, picnics, and strolls beneath a canopy of petals.

The Vision for the Hanami Line

In Japan and around the world, cherry blossom festivals represent the beautiful and transient nature of life. Imagine pale petals from cherry trees being carried by spring breezes. Imagine couples strolling and families picnicking beneath a billowy canopy of pink and white blossoms. Imagine a place of such intense beauty that admirers from around the world travel to Sacramento to experience it. That is our vision for Sakuramento and the Hanami Line.

Envision you and a friend joining a popular spring evening stroll along the American River lined with clouds of pink cherry blossoms. You pass dozens of couples who have gathered to spread their blankets and share refreshments and conversation while fragile pink “sakura” float downward in the evening delta breeze.

Sacramento’s rich Japanese heritage is invoked in public art, one’s attire, in music and live performances. The transience of the blossoms, their extreme beauty and quick death, is richly symbolic and captures your imagination and thoughtfulness. This is Sakuramento – The Hanami Line. Uniquely Sacramento, it is a beautiful, relaxing evening promenade celebrating culture, nature, and people.


Sakuramento is a proposed permanent cultural, environmental and artistic project designed not only to honor and observe the Sacramento region’s many ties to the people, food, culture and nation of Japan, but also to encourage an annual celebration of trees and nature. Sakuramento is being planned as an annual event targeted for March when the cherry trees will be in full blossom.

Regional business and agricultural leaders who are connected to the California-Japan economy; political leaders from California and Japan; and others interested in the relationship between Sacramento and California and the people and nation of Japan are being recruited to join the Sakuramento Committee. The Sakuramento Committee will organize the annual Sakuramento Dinner, as well as help lead the annual Sakuramento celebration.

We anticipate the Sakuramento festival attracting thousands of national and international visitors to the Hanami Line. We seek to plant at least 200 cherry trees and to install pathways, lighting, art pieces, and special historic features along the Sacramento River between Old Sacramento and Discovery Park.