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Interview: New Head Of Sacramento Tree Foundation On Creating Equity, Fighting Climate Change

The Sacramento Tree Foundation played a critical role helping the capital city earn the City of Trees moniker. Filling the shoes of longtime executive director Ray Tretheway is Jessica Sanders. Sanders will soon be moving to Sacramento from Washington, D.C., where she served as Director of Science and Policy at Casey Trees. She recently spoke with CapRadio about what she hopes to achieve in her new role, including addressing issues of equity and climate change.

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How to Plant a Tree

Yes, there are right and wrong ways to plant a tree. By following our best planting practices, your tree will get the best start for a long and healthy life. Watch our planting video to see best planting practices in action.

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Choose the Best Tree for your Space!

Find ideal trees for your space by searching our Shady Eighty database for tree characteristics you’re most interested in! We created a list of the very best trees for our region and now you can easily search our online database for trees that meet your needs. Happy planting!

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Young Tree Pruning Webinar


Thursday, February 4 12:00P - 1:00P

We've teamed up with Regional Water Authority to bring you a free webinar on how to prune young shade trees for strong and attractive structure led by our certified arborist and Education Programs Manager Pamela Sanchez. Quick, simple steps you can take now to help your young shade trees grow healthy and beautiful will save you time and money in the future. We’ll teach you how and where to make good cuts and which tools to use. This class does not cover fruit tree pruning and care.

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