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C.K. McClatchy Award

Honors a person whose pursuit of the greening of Sacramento through trees is synonymous with that of C.K. McClatchy, who championed the importance of trees during his 60-year career as a journalist and publisher of the Sacramento Bee.

Austin B. Carroll Award

Honors an organization, institution, or corporation whose work sets a worthy example of tree planting, stewardship education, and/or public awareness. Austin Carroll was an arborist and leader in advancing municipal and private sector tree management, education, and advocacy.

Growing Greenprint Award

Honors a government entity in the Sacramento Greenprint region that has made noteworthy contributions in building a better urban forest.

Legacy Award

Honors a tree, landscape, or woodland for its innate worthiness, uniqueness and/or beauty.

Nominations for 2020 Tree Heroes are now open! Due by March 30.

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