We offer expertise, training, tools, and advice so that we may empower our community to plant, protect, and learn about trees.

NeighborWoods in South Sacramento

NeighborWoods is a community-led movement to improve our neighborhoods and bring neighbors together through tree planting and care activities. Bring beautiful, tree-lined streets, shaded parks and schools, and full-canopied yards to the area where you live.

We can provide free trees (including fruit trees), tools, expertise, and education needed to grow a forest in YOUR neighborhood! 

Why are trees a good idea?

Neighborhoods with more trees have...

  • Tighter-knit communities
  • Higher property values
  • Safer and walkable streets
  • Lower energy costs
  • Higher activity levels
  • Better air/water quality
  • Lower rates of obesity

Let’s plant more trees to create a better tomorrow for our kids.


Build community. Improve the neighborhood.

Plant trees.

What’s your vision for a greener tomorrow? Let's talk


Hands-On Waterwise and Mulching Workshop

Will C. Wood Middle School

Tuesday, July 30 6:30P - 8:30P

Join us for a FREE hands-on waterwise landscaping class. Spend an hour learning about caring for your trees using low-water landscaping techniques and then practice your new skills by mulching trees on campus.

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