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Seeking fall colors? Visit Sacramento for autumn trees

by Mary Forgione, Los Angeles Times

The state capital takes its tree-loving culture seriously, which makes it a good candidate for a fall color getaway.

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Tips for planting trees in Sacramento

by Debbie Arrington, Sacramento Digs Gardening

"A strong beginning leads to a lifetime of success. That’s particularly true of trees."

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Tree cheers, and thank you

A message from Ray Tretheway

Read a thank you letter from our Executive Director, Ray Tretheway, as he prepares for his retirement this December. 

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Let’s get together (separately) this fall

At this point in a typical year, we would be ramping up for lots of volunteer events. We love bringing people together from across the region to steward the urban forest and to celebrate each other’s efforts. But because of COVID-19 we had to postpone our fall volunteer opportunities. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring people together to plant trees, gather acorns, learn about stewardship, and value the urban forest - we just need to think outside the box a bit more.

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Fall forward: Gardeners get busy when seasons change

by Dan Vierra, Inside Sacramento

"September is transition time in gardens where there is lingering beauty and things to do. While still wearing sandals and shorts, give some thought and love to the garden before it’s too late."

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South Sacramento residents: Get up to $5,000 for trees & jobs in your neighborhood

Apply for funding today

All neighborhoods need trees to thrive, but some areas never got their fair share. Let's work together to change this - what are your ideas to grow and care for trees in South Sacramento? Apply for funding to turn your vision into a reality and grow a healthier, greener future for your family and neighbors.

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Thinking about a water wise landscape or new patio? Don't forget about your trees

by Stephanie Robinson

With rising temperatures and unpredictable rainfall in the last decade, many Sacramentans converted their lawns to water wise landscapes. While we fully support these lawn conversions, they can be stressful on your trees. Mature trees are worth the effort to plan around and protect - our communities depend on the health, environmental, and economic benefits they provide. Once they are lost, it will take decades to replace them, but some initial planning could save your tree's life.

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Speaking for the trees: Don't forget them in this heat

by Kathy Morrison, Sacramento Digs Gardening

"Be good to your trees, and they'll continue to be good to you."

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Check out SMUD's new video on how trees benefit our community

Trees make our communities beautiful, but they do so much more than that. Learn more about the benefits of trees by watching this video.

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