We offer expertise, training, tools, and advice so that we may empower our community to plant, protect, and learn about trees.

Trees for Community Spaces

Thanks to our partnership with SMUD, Sacramento Tree Foundation can provide free consultation and trees to qualifying public spaces like schools and parks. These trees will provide benefits to the entire community including improved air quality, reduced stress, increased property values, and more!

Participants will receive expert consultation to select the best planting locations and tree varieties as well as educational planting and care materials. All participants will be responsible for arranging the planting and care for their trees. 

We also have a Nature program, which works to replenish and sustain the native flora and fauna of Sacramento County by replanting and protecting native trees and woodlands. To find out more contact 

If you're interested in hosting a public planting event with us, please contact our NeighborWoods team at to learn more about our NeighborWoods program. 

**While applications are accepted year-round, this program is active only during planting season (October-March) to ensure a healthy start for your new trees.

I would like trees for a public space!

Free trees for public spaces

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  • Trees must receive deep watering for the first 3 years. This is approximately 15 gallons of water per week during the dry season. 
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  • Interested in hosting a public volunteer planting event?
  • For public planting event requests, please contact our NeighborWoods team at
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  • Please note that tree delivery and planting timeline will depend on Tree Foundation schedule availability.

    The Tree Foundation will provide expert education and support for our partners and ongoing monitoring for the free trees that we provide.

    Thank you for your interest in planting trees!