Green Rx

Trees are integral to our health. People who live near trees report better general health and fewer health complaints.

Green Prescription: The Study

The Green Prescription research study used health data collected by the University of California Los Angeles for their California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) to evaluate the connection between the amount of tree canopy and human health (population health/public health).

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Green Prescription: The Map

This map of our six-county region is a product of our new study linking tree canopy to human health: Green Prescription. 

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Green Prescription: The Partners

This study would not have been possible without the commitment and support of our partners and supporters.

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Surprising ways trees affect our health

It's obvious how breathing polluted air can affect our lungs, but it's not as obvious how air quality impacts other aspects of our health.

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Mulch materials ranked from best to worst

Volunteer events are back

Trees do a body good

Lessons learned from the last drought

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Choose the Best Tree for your Space!

Find ideal trees for your space by searching our Shady Eighty database for tree characteristics you’re most interested in! We created a list of the very best trees for our region and now you can easily search our online database for trees that meet your needs. Happy planting!

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Care for your Roots

Roots work hard to keep your tree healthy, strong, and anchored into the ground. Learn how to care for your roots so they can thrive underground.

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Planting at Rio Tierra Junior High


Saturday, September 25 8:45A - 1:00P

Join us to plant trees at Rio Tierra Junior High School. These trees will provide much needed shade, clean air, clean water and improved academics for the school and neighborhood - your contribution to the community through planting these trees will last for generations to come.

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Acorn Harvester Training -- Part 2

In the field

Sunday, September 26 10:00A - 2:00P

This field session is the second part of our annual Acorn Harvester training. During class we will learn how to harvest acorns safely and within the strict harvesting guidelines utilized by our program. We will visit with an identify various native oak species, harvest acorns, and learn how to properly sort and store them post field harvest. Participants in the Zoom training on September 22 will receive a sign-up link.

Native Tree Planting


Saturday, October 9 9:00A - 1:00P

Trees grow healthy communities - help grow your urban forest! Join us to plant 290 native oak seedlings along a bike trail and adjacent to an open wetland space. Not only will these trees provide critical wildlife habitat, they will also shade the bike trail, clean the air, and make the space more beautiful for all to enjoy.

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