Hanami is the Japanese custom of flower viewing. The transient splendor of trees in bloom inspires people to come together for festivals, picnics, and strolls beneath a canopy of petals.

Vision for the Hanami Line

In Japan and around the world, cherry blossom festivals represent the beautiful and transient nature of life. Imagine pale petals from cherry trees being carried by spring breezes. Imagine couples strolling and families picnicking beneath a billowy canopy of pink and white blossoms. Imagine a place of such intense beauty that admirers from around the world travel to Sacramento to experience it. That is our vision for Sakuramento and the Hanami Line.

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Donate Today

Implementation of the the Hanami Line is reliant upon funding. Your donation brings us a step closer to making this vision a reality. The Sakuramento committee is charged with raising private and in-kind funds to implement this project. No public monies will be used.



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The People

In 2013, the Tree Foundation solicited proposals to bring this vision to life. Learn more about the winning design and the people behind this project. 

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The Winning Submission

We seek to plant at least 200 cherry trees and to install pathways, lighting, art pieces, and special historic features along the Sacramento River between Old Sacramento and Discovery Park. Find out how you can help us bring Sakuramento and the Hanami Line to Sacramento.

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When a tree dies, don’t waste your breath. Rescue the wood to honour its memory

"In municipalities around the world, the trees are chipped into mulch. Not just the leaves and skinny branches and bark, but the whole tree. It’s the least valuable, indeed least respectful, thing you can do with a tree." Urban Wood Rescue aims to rewrite this story.

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Sacramento's urban heat island divide

Our urban forest: Time to plant a tree for future generations

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Tree Hero Awards

Join us on May 27, 2020 for an evening of local food, wine, and music as we honor our Tree Heroes underneath the magnificent heritage oaks.

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Giving Tuesday


Tuesday, December 3

This holiday season, we are giving back to our urban forest for all the value it brings. Help us reach our goal of raising $7,000 by Giving Tuesday on December 3, and we’ll plant your wish with one of the trees.

Make a Gift

DIY Candle Holder Workshop

Urban Wood Rescue

Sunday, November 17 12:00P - 1:30P

Looking for a way to incorporate urban wood into your décor or make a small urban wood gift for the holidays? Paige from Awkwood Things will teach workshop participants how to make an urban wood candle holder and how to roll a beeswax taper candle. You'll be able to decorate your holder with foraged embellishments or simply finish the wood to show its lovely grain.

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