The Sacramento Tree Foundation is a community benefit organization working to grow thriving communities through stewardship of our urban forest. 

A Brief History

Learn more about the Sacramento Tree Foundation by watching this video.

Celebrate our 30th anniversary! Bring artist Konstantin Dimopoulos' international Blue Trees living art project to Sacramento to call attention to Sacramento's valuable urban forest and the unique benefits of visiting our city. Sacramento Shade sites its 500,000 tree!
Our award winning 3rd and 4th grade curriculum, Seed to Seedling, is refreshed to meet California State Standards and made available for free online.Collaborate with Leadership Sacramento on "Cover Your Asphalt," a parking lot retrofit pilot project.
Hold the inagurual Greenprint Summit for community members, business owners, service and faith-based groups, youth groups, elected officials and local government staff who are interested in improving the quality of life for our community.
Work with Twin Rivers School District to plant more than 1,000 trees at school campuses throughout the district. Complete first volunteer run regional tree count using I-Tree software
Publish a history of our first 25 years (.pdf) building the best urban forest for the Sacramento region. Bring 'Folks for Oaks" program to the Sheldon community to ensure the survival of  its native oak habitat. Begin work on our first major grant award from CalFire to support enhanced citizen engagement in our urban forest. Brings Richard Louv
Celebrate our 25th year building the best urban forest! Conduct a national workshop to model the Greenprint for other urban forest/municipal partnerships across the country. This workshop is the first of its kind.
Conduct a volunteer-led street tree assessment and evaluation for the City of Elk Grove. Our Urban Forest for Clean Air demonstration project scientifically calculates the air quality benefits of trees for the Sacramento region. This study positions our region to have the nation’s first State Air Quality Plan to include trees.
Our Greenprint Initiative to build the nation's best regional urban forest is endorsed by 26 of the 28 SACOG jurisdictions. Our successful Street Tree partnership sees 3,000 trees planted in one year.
Institute GIS urban forest mapping and monitoring system.
Our Sacramento Shade partnership with SMUD plants its 350,000th shade tree.
Initiate a board-led fundraising effort featuring local Tree Hero Awards. Partner with the City of Sacramento to offer self-help and low-cost professional pruning of mistletoe.
Initiate the Sacramento Regional Urban Forest Framework, later renamed Greenprint. Partner with the California Energy Commission's Cool Roof Program. This statewide program works with reflective roofs, light surfaces and shade trees. Arbor Day marks the successful completion of the Trees for Tomorrow Campaign, renamed the Millennium Tree Celebration, to plant one million trees in Sacramento.
Release our second State of the Trees Report. It calls on local governments to create a regional urban forest master plan. NASA completes its series of aerial photographs mapping the urban heat island effect in Sacramento, a major contribution to the Sacramento Cool Communities Project.
Launch a native tree replacement mitigation program, NATURE - under the management of the County's Department of Environmental Review and Assessment.
Petition the U.S. EPA and NASA to select Sacramento in its "urban heat island" initiative. This marks the beginning of the Sacramento Cool Communities Project. Launch “NeighborWoods” with support from the County of Sacramento. Its purpose is to foster neighborhood-led planning and projects to enhance local urban forests.
Issue Sacramento's first State of the Trees Report, subtitled “creating a shared vision for stewarding a sustainable urban forest.”
The Western Center for Urban Forest Research completes an exhaustive study on the value and cost benefits of Sacramento County’s urban forest.
A citizens group called Save the Elms Program (STEP) creates a volunteer monitoring program to combat Dutch elm disease. STEP is coordinated by Tree Foundation staff.
In collaboration with Congressman Vic Fazio, establish the U.S. Forest Service Western Center for Urban Forest Research located in Davis, California. The Alliance for Community Trees is founded as a national network for community tree organizations. The Sacramento Shade Program plants a record 48,000 shade trees for energy savings in a single year.
As a result of our partnership with SMUD we grow exponentially from planting 1,000 trees a year to more than 25,000 trees a year. Our budget grows from $100,000 to $ 1.6 million.
SMUD pledges to partner with the Tree Foundation to plant 500,000 trees dedicated to energy efficiency. The community-based program is called Sacramento Shade. Hire Ray Tretheway to be our first full time executive director.
The “Year of the Oak” celebrates native trees throughout Sacramento County. 10,000 new oaks are planted. Develop a new education curriculum: “Seed to Seedling, growing native oaks in the classroom.”
Plant 400 trees in its first year through its community grants program for trees in parks, schools and streets.
California Arbor Day (March 7) marks the founding of the Sacramento Tree Foundation. Ann Kohl volunteers to be our first Executive Director on a half-time, volunteer basis.
City of Sacramento Mayor Phil Isenberg and County Board of Supervisor Illa Collin call for the creation of a nonprofit tree foundation dedicated to trees.