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The Future is Bright Green

March 11, 2015

Del Dayo Elementary School has a history of planting trees. In 2013, the school received 12 free trees through the Community Shade Program and planted them throughout the campus. With the help of dedicated teachers and Principal Harp, the trees quickly began to thrive. Two years later, all but two of the young trees were taller, stronger, and providing beautiful greenery for the school and its students.

With recent updates to the Community Shade Program, Del Dayo Elementary wanted to replace the two trees they lost. And this time, they would receive a lot more than just free trees.

Nicole, a parent volunteer, spearheaded the efforts to re-plant and gathered everyone together for a true team effort. Principal Harp, the school district, and Pam (an expert Community Forester) worked together to select the best varieties and the best planting locations for the new trees. They discussed the importance of proper planting techniques and how to help the trees battle the California drought. Once everyone agreed on the plan, the real fun could start!

Planting day arrived and so did the dedicated school volunteers. The group gathered around Pam for expert hands-on training. Working together, the volunteers not only planted two new trees, but learned how to prune the young trees, removed stakes that were no longer needed, and worked together to make the school's canopy even healthier.

With such a dedicated planting team, what more could these trees ask for? But Del Dayo Elementary had even more in store! Each of the 12 young trees on the school campus has been adopted by an entire classroom. The students and teachers love and care for their trees and even wheel out buckets of water to make sure no tree goes thirsty.

This dedicated school has rallied around its tree canopy and included the entire community in its growth. Years from now, this team will visit their living legacy in the abundant shade, cleaner air, and beautiful greenery they helped create.

If you are interested in planting trees at a park or school in your neighborhood, learn more about the Community Shade Program and help Sacramento Tree Foundation grow the best urban forest in the nation.