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Evaluating Trees for Our Future Climate

March 20, 2015

In partnership with Sacramento Parks and Recreation and the Urban Forest section of the Department of Public Works, Sacramento Tree Foundation volunteers completed the last of three Climate Ready Trees planting events on Saturday March 14th.

The trees that were planted at these events are part of a scientific study being conducted by the United States Forest Service for which researchers will be evaluating the effects of our changing climate on specific tree species. A total of 96 trees have been planted as part of this 20-year study. Over three days volunteers planted 24 trees at each of three locations; Regency Park, Fisherman’s Lake, and along a segment of the bike path adjacent to the Natomas Drain Canal. An additional Sacramento location was planted by Urban Forest staff. Pairs of 12 different species were planted at each location, with an additional planting of four of each species in a control plot at University California Davis.

Researchers will be evaluating the drought-tolerance, pest vulnerability, growth, and survival of these promising new species as our climate continues to become hotter and drier. The goal of the study is to increase the biodiversity and resilience of future urban forests by expanding the palette of tree species that are grown, sold, and planted in Central Valley cities. The study will be replicated in other California climate regions.