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Watering Trees is Wise, Not Wasteful

April 5, 2017

Winter has come and gone and provided our region some much needed rain. However, as summer and dry weather approach, continued cautious and careful water conservation will be necessary. Preserving our trees continues to be critical, and so we are asking you to Save our Water and our Trees.

As last summer showed us, trees in irrigated landscapes become dependent on regular watering and when watering is reduced – and especially when it is stopped completely – trees die. Tree loss is a very costly problem not only in expensive tree removal, but in the loss of all the benefits trees provide: cooling and cleaning the air and water, shading homes, walkways and recreation areas as well as human health impacts.

Governor Brown's 2016 Arbor Day Proclamation imparts how important saving our trees during a time of drought is to California residents:

         "As the state's drought continues, and in the spirit of preserving trees for

         future generations, Californians are advised to honor this occasion by

         planting drought-tolerant trees and learning how best to care for trees while

         saving water." 

The Sacramento Tree Foundation is your local resource for all things trees - you can learn more about how and why to care for trees, attend an upcoming drought workshop, or tree tour to learn more, or call (916) 924-8733 or email treetips@sactree.com for advice. Together we can ensure that Sacramento's long commitment to its urban forest continues.