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A Successful Acorn Harvest

October 26, 2015

The acorn harvest is coming to a close early here on the valley floor. Beginning in mid-September, Sacramento Tree Foundation staff, interns, and volunteers have been busy locating, learning about, and carefully harvesting this years nuts that will become next years seedling trees. The regional acorn crop was average this year, perhaps another victim of the ongoing drought. Drought has also decreased the availability of food for wildlife resulting in high demand from hungry critters for the acorns that have been dropping. Another possible factor affecting this year’s yield is that last years yield was high, anecdotal evidence suggests that high acorn years are typically followed by low acorn years.

Volunteers received specialized instruction during the two Acorn Harvest Trainings that were held this year. These trainings were conducted at Springview Park in Rocklin and at Effie Yeaw in Carmichael during which our 200th Harvester was trained. These newly trained Harvesters, along with returning Acorn Harvesters, have brought in over 4,500 high quality, hand-picked acorns thus far. Harvesters have been gathering acorns independently and along with other volunteers during the four Community Acorn Harvest events that occurred this year. These acorns have been carefully logged and stored by the Tree Foundation's Acorn Intern. With two refrigerators already full, volunteers will continue to bring in acorns until we meet this years goal of 5,000 acorns. After a rest in cold storage, these acorns will be directly planted at reforestation project sites and grown into seedling trees with the help of Seed to Seedling students and our in house propagation program. Come next fall many of the resulting seedlings will be ready to be planted. At this time volunteers will have opportunities to plant these seedlings with us and help grow the next generation of urban native oaks. Many thanks to all the volunteers and partners who have supported this important annual project, including ICF, Cub Scouts, and the staff at Effie Yeaw.

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