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NeighborWoods Projects highlight a busy autumn

December 15, 2015


“As I drive through Arden Park, I marvel at the size and beauty of the trees that were planted and wonder what Arden Park might have looked like if we hadn't done this. I'm proud to say we made improvements and helped make Arden Park a beautiful place to live.”


At the Sacramento Tree Foundation, the onset of autumn often coincides with an increase in larger tree planting projects. Fall 2015 was a prime example of this, with Community Forester Matt Buland leading two NeighborWoods Projects in Sacramento area neighborhoods. The first, in October, saw Arden Park host its 15th annual NeighborWoods Day where residents received 37 trees (13 different species) at 19 homes. It was a spectacular event which was kicked off by donuts and coffee in the morning for volunteers, and concluded with trees properly planted and mulched to ensure that they’d get off to a good start.

On November 21st, Matt was busy again, this time in River Park. It was a beautiful day and many hands made light work with 35+ volunteers working side-by-side with residents to plant and mulch 29 trees (14 different species) at 17 locations. When considering the two River Park Tree Canopy Projects this year, the neighborhood was the recipient of 56 trees at 34 homes!

We loved working with these two neighborhoods. Thanks to the help of Matt, both are prime examples of what a motivated community can do. The Arden Park Tree Committee has successfully planted over 2000 trees during its tenure and we hope to plant at least that many in River Park. We believe that every community in Sacramento deserves to have the benefits of a healthy, abundant tree canopy.

You could have a NeighborWoods project where you live! NeighborWoods is a free neighborhood improvement program from the Sacramento Tree Foundation and SMUD. If you’d like to take part, follow these easy steps:

   1. Get together with neighbors to form your own NeighborWoods Group. Prioritize your neighborhood needs. Be creative, dream big.

   2. Create a plan, which could include tree planting, care of existing trees, neighborhood tree education, and more.

   3. Call us at 916-924-8733 and tell us about your neighborhood and your ideas.

   4. Meet with a Community Forester who will offer the training, tools, and expertise needed to turn your dream into a reality.

   5.Accept delivery of your free trees, along with stakes, ties, and mulch.

   6.Take action with your neighbors to plant and take care of your new trees.

Visit our NeighborWoods page to learn more!