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Greening Our Community

February 23, 2016

On February 18, we held a luncheon dedicated to trees, canopy cover benefits and elected officials. In a restaurant across from Capitol Park with its legacy trees and massive canopy cover, council members and supervisors from throughout the greater Sacramento region celebrated the tenth year of the nation’s most successful regional tree initiative called Greenprint.

Home grown success stories were shared and new endeavors to increase tree canopy in under-resourced neighborhoods were presented. They talked about the bright future for trees. The leaders valued trees for health; trees for air quality; trees for summer energy savings; trees for shade; trees for economic prosperity; and trees for habitat. They shared a willingness to increase tree canopy. They shared a common desire for all neighborhoods to be beautiful, safe and comfortable.

After the luncheon, I began to think of the many ways these leaders and the Tree Foundation could team up. I could easily imagine how Greenprint could swiftly transfer ideas into actions by empowering volunteers, neighborhoods, civic and business leaders in seeing the value of tree canopy in building a greener and healthier region. Something happens when a group of people plant trees. And something else happens when groups of people start feeding, watering and caring for trees. Community interest grows. Loyalty and concern are kindled. People start to care, once again, about their neighborhood and community. And renewed commitments are made.

That’s the promise for the next ten years of Greenprint. - Ray

Ray and Judy