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Shady Eighty NOW ONLINE!

April 28, 2016

The weather may be sunny, but the ground is still soft - it's a great time to plant trees! Find ideal trees easily by choosing the characteristics you want (Fast growing? Yellow fall color? Low water needs?) in our Shady Eighty tool, a searchable tree guide!

Our Shady Eighty tool includes 80+ of the best trees for our region – trees that will thrive in our special climate, in our soils, and are relatively free of pests and diseases. The trees featured in this tool were chosen by the Sacramento Tree Foundation experts and reviewed by our Technical Advisory Committee to guide your tree selection process.

User may search by tree size, water needs, shape, fall color, flowers, growth rate, and siting distances! The descriptions in this guide will help you select a tree for the place you have in mind – ensuring your new tree can grow to its full potential without causing complications in the future.  Find your ideal tree(s) today!