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Top 5 Trees for Fall Color

October 1, 2017

Brighten up your landscape this autumn with one of these trees through our Sacramento Shade Program.

Washington hawthorn – Bright orangey-red colored leaves on this tree make it stand out in the Fall. It’s a fast growing small tree that also has white flowers in the Spring and bright red berries in winter.

Ginkgo – The unique fan-shaped leaves on this prehistoric tree really shine in the fall when the tree is covered in a buttery yellow color. The leaves drop off the tree fairly quickly, making raking a breeze.

Tupelo – Bright red leaves on this pyramidal shaped tree make it pop in a fall landscape. Tupelos grow moderately fast and tolerate poor draining soils.

Chinese pistache – A longtime fall favorite in our region, this medium-size tree has spectacular, electric orange and red fall color! The most reliable fall color show for our area.

Scarlet oak – You don’t want to miss the bright red lobed leaves on this large oak. After the gorgeous scarlet color in fall, the leaves turn golden brown and hang on the tree through much of the winter.