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What’s better than One Intern? THREE!!!

October 28, 2016

Interns have often been part of the Sacramento Tree Foundation team; however, recently, we’ve made a concerted effort to standardize and formalize the process, making it smoother for the organization, as well as for those who choose to gain valuable experience with us.  

This fall we’ve welcomed three interns: Sasha Watkins, Terence Wu, and Ian Bobbitt. Working primarily with the Urban Ecology department, they’ve helped with our fall acorn harvest and have been able to experience the thrill of working with our wonderful volunteers. 


I am Ian Bobbitt. I am a Sac State Alumni and have been living in the area for several years. I am an Eagle Scout and have loved to go hiking and exploring since a young age, so I love being able to go out on weekends and explore some of the less urban areas around Sacramento. I currently work in and after school program and enjoy sharing what I learn in my internship with my students. I wanted to work with the Sacramento Tree Foundation since I learned about its goals and mission, shortly after graduation last year.

As an acorn intern, I am currently gathering and sorting acorns, while also helping train volunteers to identify healthy acorns for our oak seedling program. I have also sorted plant bulbs, assisted in maintaining drip irrigation lines, and assisted around the office. I am looking forward to seeing our oak trees grow and develop into healthy shade trees. Above all, its been a fun and rewarding experience so far!


I am currently a graduate student at Sacramento State in the biological sciences department. My thesis work is on parental care of cichlid fishes, so I do not have a background in trees. I wanted to intern with the Tree Foundation because I have always had a love for the flora of the Sacramento region and I thought it would positively benefit my future career. Currently, I am working with the Urban Ecology team to collect and sort acorns to grow and plant in the Sacramento region. I look forward to continue to learn about all of the different plant species in the area and possibly do some GIS work. Overall, it has been great interning for the Sacramento Tree Foundation!


Hi, my name's Terence and I am very excited to be joining the Urban Ecology Team at the Sacramento Tree Foundation as an intern!

A California-native, I was born and raised in San Francisco but moved to the Sacramento-region to study Sustainable Environmental Design as well as Landscape Restoration at the University of California, Davis. I am a student passionate about learning and yearn for a life full of it. My interests lie primarily in the plant/biological, ecological, and environmental sciences, and the beauty and aesthetic pleasure of designs that incorporate all of my areas of interest is what drew me to study Sustainable Environmental Design. My enthusiasm for the sciences also drives me in my pursuit for a minor in Landscape Restoration, in hopes of not only becoming well-versed in both sustainability and restoration, but to offer aid in my generation's endeavor to mitigate or even reverse environmental/ecological damage.

During my time here in Davis, I discovered my love for vegetation: for the lush greenery, the diverse architectural features, and the hushed sounds of dense green spaces. There is a magnetism plants have that draws people, and for this reason, as well as for their ecological benefits, I would like to introduce more green spaces to urban places. I would like to share my enthusiasm for plants, to beautify cities, to be able to live harmoniously with nature while in an urban environment. At the Tree Foundation, I hope to learn the steps to achieving my goals and to study under urban ecologists, arborists, and community foresters while contributing to the nation's best urban forest. I look forward to learning and growing with the Sacramento Tree Foundation!

Learn more about our Internship Program and consider joining our team!