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Top 5 Evergreen Trees

December 21, 2017

Enjoy winter foliage, and year-round air-cleaning with these popular evergreen trees for our region! These 5 and 75 more trees are showcased in our online Shady Eighty guide.

Strawberry tree – Something showy on this small tree all year round! In winter the green leaves contrast nicely with the dark reddish, papery bark. Spring and Summer follow with white urn-shaped flowers and then bright red, round fruit (sort of resembling strawberries, where it gets its name).

Deodar cedar – The majestic silhouette of this large conifer really set it apart in our landscapes. This cedar resembles a coast redwood, but is a mush lower water user and grows wonderfully in our region. It also is superb at filtering air pollutants and a great choice near roadways as well as in your yard.

California laurel – Similar to the Grecian laurel (from which we get bay leaves for cooking), this large California native tree is a fragrant addition to your landscape. Tiny clusters of creamy flowers dot the tree in Spring.

Cork Oak – The unique, textured bark on this Mediterranean oak are the source of cork. Cork oaks grow very well here, and their large, rounded canopies provide wonderful shade.

Interior live oak – Dark green foliage and light gray bark make this low-water user an easy choice to beautify your garden. This evergreen oak is a true native to our region, and you can see them throughout the area and along the American River Parkway.