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Tree Cheers for our newest team member: Jeffory McDaniel

November 15, 2016

I grew up in Atwater in the Central Valley of California. Blanketing my neighborhood was a canopy of Mulberry trees. I have vivid memories of climbing the tree in my front yard, catching tree frogs. Then one day, when I was around seven or so, I remember them all being cut down. “Mistletoe” was the diagnosis. Chalk it up to an early lesson in biodiversity. The removal of those trees was devastating to our community and from an early age trees were important to me.

I went to City College in San Luis Obispo (SLO) and got an internship at the SLO Botanical Garden propagating, planting and protecting oak trees. I thought to myself “gosh, if only I could get a job growing and planting trees… that is impossible… no one pays people just to plant trees. Pssshhh”. I completed an A.A. in Mathematics and Science but I held onto the practice of growing oak trees right up until I was hired by the Sacramento Tree Foundation.

This past May, I received my B.S. in Environmental Studies with an emphasis on soil science and compost from California State University, Sacramento. I helped initiate the university’s flagship food waste composting program that still thrives today. The bulk of my professional experience lies in customer service and education. I am so very excited for this chance to align my education with professional experience, hobby, and passion for trees. I love encouraging photosynthesis because I know it is creating habitat, enriching people’s lives and among many things, sequestering carbon. “Fighting climate change” is actually in my wedding vows, you can ask my wife. J

I am honored and humbled for this opportunity to join you all in making the world around us better. Being relatively new the Sacramento area, I am excited to raise my daughters here knowing that I am growing roots figuratively and literally.