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Welcome Tarah!

December 23, 2016

Hi, my name is Tarah Moon, and I am excited to be the newest member of the Sacramento Tree Foundation as the administrative/office assistant!

My love for trees began in childhood when I would demand my parents find the ‘shady spot’ when trying to find a parking space. I hated getting back into the car and feeling like I was in the oven. To this day, I still will drive (and walk) a bit further if it means that my car will be well-shaded while I run errands. As a child, I also used to help my great grandma by picking up the acorns that were dropped in her yard by the most magnificent oak tree! Sometimes, we would have contests, seeing who could collect the most acorns in their bucket. That oak still stands in all of its glory today.

I recently graduated in May 2016 with my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Sacramento State. In September 2016, I began my Master’s program online with University of Phoenix for a general M.A. in Psychology, with an emphasis in Industrial & Organizational (I-O) Psychology. IO Psychology is the psychology of the workplace and allows me to build knowledge and skills in organizational management. I have not worked in the non-profit sector before, but now that I have stepped in, I think it is great! Previous to my arrival at the Sacramento Tree Foundation, I worked at a substance abuse recovery center. I was the Admissions Coordinator, which soon became the Jack of All Trades, and while the position helped me to learn much about life and relationships, it was a, eye-opening experience and a very stressful job. I am excited for something new and different; it’s great to be in such a fun, relaxed work environment!

When I am not at work or focusing on school assignments, I enjoy being out and about. I love to day trip to Santa Cruz, Lake Tahoe, or the Bay Area. If I am not out and about, I am usually taking some introverted time reading, crocheting, coloring, or even watching TV. I consider myself the ‘crazy cat lady’ since I have rescued 4 very unique, wonderful cats! Renly, Brynna, Oliver, and Winston keep me company at home. I like to say that I am the boss, but they really run the house.

I am honored and excited to be a member of the Sacramento Tree Foundation!