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Welcome Natasha, our new Urban Wood Rescue Program Manager!

By Natasha Young

March 2, 2017


I am very excited to join the Sacramento Tree Foundation as the Program Manager for Urban Wood Rescue!

I grew up in Davis, CA where trees are abound just like in Sacramento! And I hope I am not offending any Sacramento readers when I say that Davis has the best parks in the world. Of course there’s a bias there. But, for a kid, parks are a wonderland. I made “pies” from poisonous berries with a dried mud crust; I practiced golfing (sorry woman hit in the head by my brother’s ball!); I collected and sold mistletoe at Christmas time; and, on one occasion, I went down a very steep hill in a radio flyer, crashing into a tree (sorry tree!). It turns out radio flyers can gain some speed and the handling isn’t great.

Minor casualties aside, I have been a friend of trees, parks, and building a connection to our environment. In my last role as a project manager for a nonprofit journalism shop I spearheaded a story that brought attention to agriculture and ranching’s effect on our world’s precious soil. Did you know it takes a thousand years for one inch of soil to form? Before that, I worked in Puerto Rico managing a farmers’ market that sought to strengthen local, sustainable farming on the island. In Camden, New Jersey I worked to bring 25 families together to turn an abandoned lot into an inviting community garden that produces vegetables in a food desert.

Now that I am back in beautiful Sacramento, I am enjoying local brews (Yay Beer Week!!), Mckinley Park, Capitol Park, and (of course) farmers’ markets!

Please feel free to reach out and say hi or to talk about Urban Wood Rescue: Natasha@Sactree.com

P.S. Urban Wood Rescue is competing right now for $15,000 in marketing services from Uptown Studios. We need your vote to make us the winner! Please vote for us once every day until 3/15 here: www.sactree.com/vote