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Welcome Holly, our new Administrative Assistant!

By Holly Healy

July 25, 2017

Trees have always been a wonder to me. I can vividly remember laying beneath the shade of my favorite tree in a grassy park in the Bay Area and looking up at the branches and leaves swaying in the breeze. I remember thinking that this tree had a past. I would day-dream about the history it might have seen. Was it around when jazz was in full swing in the 1920's? Or, was it even around when Lewis and Clark undertook their expeditions?

Of course, to the child’s mind, it was. I imagined that the tree that I had grown to love had seen a vast amount of history I was learning in school. Now, most likely, that childhood tree was hardly old enough to have been around during most of the historical moments as I had imagined. However, some are just that old. Trees carry a lot of history. According to the average lifespan, some redwoods have lived long enough to see the birth of Joan of Arc, the discovery of gravity with a falling apple, and the invention of the Apple iPhone (and its many generations).

Graduating from Colorado State University in the abundantly tree-filled city of Fort Collins only enhanced my love and appreciation of trees from the Aspen to the Redwoods. To this day, I am still amazed by trees, the history they have, and the legacy they leave. This is one of the many reasons I am so glad to take on this administrative role becoming a part of this amazing organization and working beside people who share my love for trees.