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Teachers growing joy for their students

June 3, 2020


Last week, our Seed to Seedling teachers turned in over 1,000 native oak seedlings that will eventually be planted in our reforestation sites throughout the region.

Every January, we provide free kits and curriculum for students to grow acorns into seedlings in the classroom, but with schools closing in March, we didn't think this year's seedlings would make their way back to us.

But these amazing teachers, in the midst of adapting to virtual classrooms and having their own children at home, took on the watering and care of hundreds of tiny trees in their back yards until they could be returned to us. And they kept their students updated and engaged with the seedlings' progress!

We are amazed at the dedication and ingenuity of all teachers, and we especially thank these extraordinary people for caring so much about their students and the trees.

If you are a Seed to Seedling instructor and you still have seedlings to return, please contact Zarah Wyly at zarah AT sactree DOT com or (916) 974-4307.