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Free fruit tree pruning & advice for South Sacramento

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March 1, 2021

Thanks to additional funding from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and California Proposition 68 for our NeighborWoods Community Grant, South Sacramento residents are eligible to receive free fruit tree care services. These services will help to ensure your trees develop well, and are on their way to a long and fruitful future.

We've teamed up with regenerative agriculture expert Dominic Allamano to support previous fruit tree recipients and other South Sacramento residents in caring for their fruit trees.

Services currently available include: 

  • Pruning - Removing unhelpful growth and refining the long-term structure of your tree
  • Soil Care - Enhancement of soil health with compost extract, worm castings, and wood chip mulch 
  • Education / Training - Answers to your fruit tree, pruning, and soil health questions


These free services will be offered from now through February 28, 2022, and are additionally available to a limited number of mature fruit trees within the grant area.

If you live within the below boundaries, submit your request through the form below so Dominic can get in touch with you.


Dominic Allamano, (916) 833-9801 or sacfoodforestry@gmail.com