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Reforesting South Sac with Asian Resources, Inc. & United Latinos

by Victoria Vasquez

March 27, 2021

Asian Resources, Inc., greened their new headquarters parking lot and open space by undertaking a large landscape remodel to accommodate 19 new trees. As one of the Tree Foundation's community grant awardees, ARI is part of a large community-led effort to grow the tree canopy in South Sacramento.

When COVID-19 made a community volunteer planting event impossible, fellow community grant awardee, the United Latinos Green Team, stepped up and planted half of the trees today to stand in support and solidarity with Asian Resources, Inc.

This partnership of powerful leaders, who share a common goal of a healthier and more equitable future for South Sacramento, brings us closer to growing a thriving tree canopy in every neighborhood so all Sacramentans can reap the health, economic, and community benefits that trees provide.

During the event, planting leaders tied ribbons into a memorial tree for all eight victims of the recent shooting in Atlanta. This Deodar cedar, affectionately named Atlanta Love, will not only swirl harmful pollutants high up into the air with its towering evergreen coniferous shape but will also provide a place of reflection to inspire us in new ways to stop hate.

Planting trees makes our communities resilient in more ways than one -- they keep us healthy by cleaning our air, and abundant green spaces give us serene, calming spots to mentally and spiritually recharge. The act of planting trees also brings neighbors together in a powerful gesture of hope to leave a legacy for a greener future.

We support Asian Resources, Inc. and share the fight of stopping violence against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

Community grants through the Sacramento Tree Foundation are possible through funding from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and Proposition 68.