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Deepening our roots in North Sacramento

by Otto Beck

March 30, 2021

The Sacramento Tree Foundation is joining forces in North Sacramento with local leaders to expand the urban forest in a large area covering North Sacramento, Del Paso Heights, South Natomas, Hagginwood, Gardenland, Northgate, and parts of Arden Arcade and North Highlands.

Compared to other parts of Sacramento, these areas have much less tree canopy. They also have much hotter summers, higher levels of air pollution, and increased rates of chronic diseases like asthma. This is no coincidence — trees make our neighborhoods livable and help keep us healthy. The lack of trees is not fair to the wonderful people and businesses that call this area home.

But with all of the other issues on our minds — whether it's jobs, housing, paying the bills, trying to stay healthy, or the safety of our neighborhoods — trees are understandably not always first on the list.

That's why we partner with residents and organizations who are already doing critical work in these areas. There are already so many amazing residents, businesses, and organizations that make this area a wonderful place. We want to work together toward our shared goals of thriving communities with beautiful safe places for play and exercise, walkable streets, successful businesses, relief from extreme summer heat and high cooling bills, and opportunities for youth and job seekers. Trees are part of this shared vision to make our communities into places that nurture us and bring out our best.

Our goal is to plant 2,750 trees at homes, churches, and businesses as well as parks, schools, and public streets. Through free tree care workshops, family friendly tree plantings, and fun cultural events, we want to get to know people who live, work, and play in the North Sacramento area so they have a chance to connect with each other, get involved at a community event, or even drive their own neighborhood project.

We've already teamed up with Green Technical Education and Employment to drive a community-led effort to make an impact. We are excited to support the vision and education of the youth and staff of GreenTech and are grateful to be joining an existing and growing community of change makers.

Are you part of an organization that may want to be part of this effort? Or are you a passionate community member who wants to make a difference in your neighborhood? We want to hear your ideas and get connected with you! Please get in touch with Otto Beck, join the North Sacramento NeighborWoods Facebook Group, or sign up for our newsletter to find a way we can work together.

Funding for this project provided by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection as part of the California Climate Investments Program.