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Why Cover Your Ashalt?

June 9, 2011

It’s the middle of summer and the temperature is 103 degrees. Given a choice between a parking spot in the blazing sun and one in the shade, which do you choose?? A shaded parking lot is not only a requirement of many City ordinances, but is also good for business: studies show shaded lots lead to higher profits for local businesses and contribute to overall customer satisfaction.

In 2011, we collaborated with the Leadership Sacramento class of 2011 to pilot a parking lot retrofit program called Cover Your Asphalt. Together we were committed to this project because trees help the environment, improve human health and help make our community a more attractive place to live and do business. With parking lots occupying about 10 percent of land in many cities, consider the following benefits of shade:

  • Reduces pavement temperature by 36 degrees
  • Decreases parking lot runoff containing metals, oil and grease
  • Lowers temperature inside vehicles by 47 degrees
  • Reduces fuel tank temperatures by seven degrees
  • Studies show shaded lots lead to higher profits for local businesses and improve customer satisfaction

Cover Your Asphalt logo

What did the project involve?

Cover Your Asphalt entailed planting trees and retrofitting an existing parking lot located at Florin Road and 24th Street in South Sacramento. These improvements will bring many years of enjoyment to patrons, and the beautification effort will serve as a demonstration project that businesses, along with the Sacramento Tree Foundation, can emulate throughout the Sacramento region.

What is Leadership Sacramento?

Leadership Sacramento is a program of the Sacramento Metro Chamber. Founded in 1985, the year-long program cultivates community-minded civic and business leadership. Leadership Sacramento gives 35 participants each year the opportunity to better understand the issues that impact our region’s economic prosperity, quality of life, as well as complete a community project. The class of 2011 was the program’s 25th graduating class.



Articles and Videos

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