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Greenprint Summit 2014

A Tremendous Success

April 4, 2014

Everyone knows the basics – trees clean our air and give us shade. It’s common knowledge that trees are good. But, we’re really just beginning to learn how good they truly are. In January, Greenprint Summit 2014 brought together some of the most advanced research from all over the country to connect the dots between trees and public health.

Dr. Anthony Iton connected zip codes to life expectancy and discussed the relationship between accessible green spaces and a person’s sense of place. He states that, “Bad behavior produces disease, produces death – that’s the medical model,” and that, “we have to change the narrative about what is health, and who is valuable.”

Professor Bill Sullivan shared his research on the effects of viewing greenery on stress levels and overall health outcomes. His research shows that, “everyday exposure to trees enhances health through various pathways across the life-span.”

With over ten expert speakers throughout the day, Greenprint Summit 2014 elevated our understanding of the importance of trees in human health and began to pave the way for planning greener, healthier communities. If you missed out on attending this monumental event, or if you just want to refer back to the cutting-edge research and motivational discussions, you’re in luck!

Watch the videos and view the presentation slides from each speaker. Let’s keep the discussion alive and spread this information throughout our communities. Together, we can build healthy, livable communities in the Sacramento region by growing the best urban forest in the nation.