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Sacramento Tree Foundation: Growing The Urban Forest

by Janet Scherr, Boomer Sacramento Magazine

Volunteers play an important role in keeping Sacramento known as the City of Trees. Over 2,000 of them join in tree planting events each year, assist with outreach and education, and work in office support roles.

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Racist Housing Practices From The 1930s Linked To Hotter Neighborhoods Today

by Meg Anderson, NPR

In 37 cities around the country, formerly redlined neighborhoods have about half as many trees on average today as the highest-rated predominantly white neighborhoods on those maps.

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Here's where Sacramento's fallen trees are reborn

as shown on KCRA

Our city is the largest hand-planted urban forest in the world, but many of those trees are reaching the end of their life. Fortunately, Sacramento’s trees are skipping the landfill and getting a second life thanks to the nonprofit Urban Wood Rescue.

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When pruning your trees, avoid these common practices

by Stephanie Robinson

When we see something often enough, sometimes we assume that must be the best way to get the job done. Unfortunately, these pruning practices are common throughout the Sacramento area, and many people continue using them simply because that's how they've always seen others do it. When pruning your trees or hiring an arborist, make sure to stay away from these harmful practices.

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