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Hundreds of miles of blue oak tree cover exclusive to California have vanished. Why?

by Katie Camero, The Sacramento Bee

"Sprinkled along the foothills of California’s Central Valley stand the iconic blue oak woodlands. Towering up to 80 feet tall and some reaching over 400 years old, the trees are home to one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the state. But extreme drought and wildfires are forcing the woodlands into an uncertain future."

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School trees will get some help at SacTree event

by Debbie Arrington, Sacramento Digs Gardening

"These particular trees have special meaning, according to the foundation, because they’re school trees. Students enjoy their shade as well as learn about trees from these examples."

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How to Give Young Trees the Water They Need

with Be Water Smart

Trees younger than 5 years old are most at risk during the hot summer months. To thrive, they need water delivered slowly and deeply, ideally using drip irrigation. When drip irrigation is not possible, trees need extra help. Learn the "bucket method" for efficiently watering young trees in this brief video produced in partnership with our friends at Be Water Smart.

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‘You Can Just Smell It’: Air Quality Monitors To Be Installed In Oak Park, North Sacramento

by Sarah Mizes-Tan, CapRadio

"The city of Sacramento conducted a study of trees in the city in 2018. It found that underserved neighborhoods in south and north Sacramento were less likely to have dense tree cover. Their analysis also found greater tree density led to better air quality and helped reduce stormwater runoff. Studies have shown that poor air quality can lead to negative health impacts like higher rates of asthma and chronic lung issues."

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