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Seeking fall colors? Visit Sacramento for autumn trees

by Mary Forgione, Los Angeles Times

The state capital takes its tree-loving culture seriously, which makes it a good candidate for a fall color getaway.

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Boiling Point: These maps show how air pollution and COVID-19 can be a deadly mix

by Sammy Roth, Los Angeles Times

There are "links between poor air quality and risk of contracting coronavirus... People of color are more likely to breathe polluted air due to decades of racist housing and environmental policies. In California and across the country, redlining practices excluded Black people and Latinos from neighborhoods considered 'desirable' and pushed them into housing near freeways, refineries and power plants."

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Tips for planting trees in Sacramento

by Debbie Arrington, Sacramento Digs Gardening

"A strong beginning leads to a lifetime of success. That’s particularly true of trees."

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Ray Retires

by Joleane King, N Magazine

"Public servant, organizer, tree planter and friend. A longtime South Natomas resident and community leader, Ray Tretheway will be retiring this year as Executive Director of the Sacramento Tree Foundation after co-founding the nationally known, award-winning organization in 1982."

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