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Most reclaimed wood is used in one-off projects. This furniture company is thinking way bigger

by Elizabeth Segran, Fast Company

Modern furniture company Room & Board creates limited runs of products made from urban wood, like these coffee tables made with local redwood from Urban Wood Rescue.

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Good Company: Is Room & Board’s ‘Urban Wood Project’ the Future of Furniture?

by Geoff Nudelman, Penta

"Earlier this year, the Urban Wood Project expanded to Sacramento, Calif., working with the Sacramento Tree Foundation to source reclaimed wood for 'cookie' style coffee tables, which get their name from their circular shape (coming from the body of the tree). The first 100 pieces of this collaboration were recently released... Room & Board estimates that for every 10,000 board feet repurposed, 33 tons of carbon dioxide is sequestered from the atmosphere. This equates to 13 metric tons of carbon dioxide saved through the initial Sacramento releases."

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Growing the urban forest in Folsom

by Kimmy Boyle

We are very excited to announce our newest NeighborWoods initiative in partnership with the City of Folsom. We will be working closely with city staff and the wider Folsom community to help grow, care for, and expand the city’s urban forest.

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Interview: New Head Of Sacramento Tree Foundation On Creating Equity, Fighting Climate Change

with Ed Fletcher, CapRadio

The Sacramento Tree Foundation played a critical role helping the capital city earn the City of Trees moniker. Filling the shoes of longtime executive director Ray Tretheway is Jessica Sanders. Sanders will soon be moving to Sacramento from Washington, D.C., where she served as Director of Science and Policy at Casey Trees. She recently spoke with CapRadio about what she hopes to achieve in her new role, including addressing issues of equity and climate change.

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Urban lumber offers sustainable job creation

CBS News

Urban lumber creates jobs and is good for the environment. Watch the segment to learn more.

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Help shape the Rancho Cordova Urban Forest Master Plan

Do you live, work, or play in Rancho Cordova? Take this brief survey to share your thoughts on how the city can best meet the needs of the community through its Urban Forest Program.

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Meet Jessica Sanders

by Joleane King, N Magazine

Learn more about our new executive director in this community profile from N Magazine!

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Wildfire Smoke Is Poisoning California’s Kids. Some Pay a Higher Price.

by Somini Sengupta, The New York Times

"The fires sweeping across millions of acres in California aren’t just incinerating trees and houses. They’re also filling the lungs of California’s children with smoke, with potentially grave effects over the course of their lives. The effects are not evenly felt. While California as a whole has seen a steady uptick in smoke days in recent years, counties in the state’s Central Valley, which is already cursed with some of the most polluted air, were particularly hard hit by wildfire smoke this year."

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