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Most reclaimed wood is used in one-off projects. This furniture company is thinking way bigger

by Elizabeth Segran, Fast Company

Modern furniture company Room & Board creates limited runs of products made from urban wood, like these coffee tables made with local redwood from Urban Wood Rescue.

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Good Company: Is Room & Board’s ‘Urban Wood Project’ the Future of Furniture?

by Geoff Nudelman, Penta

"Earlier this year, the Urban Wood Project expanded to Sacramento, Calif., working with the Sacramento Tree Foundation to source reclaimed wood for 'cookie' style coffee tables, which get their name from their circular shape (coming from the body of the tree). The first 100 pieces of this collaboration were recently released... Room & Board estimates that for every 10,000 board feet repurposed, 33 tons of carbon dioxide is sequestered from the atmosphere. This equates to 13 metric tons of carbon dioxide saved through the initial Sacramento releases."

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Growing the urban forest in Folsom

by Kimmy Boyle

We are very excited to announce our newest NeighborWoods initiative in partnership with the City of Folsom. We will be working closely with city staff and the wider Folsom community to help grow, care for, and expand the city’s urban forest.

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