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How ‘nature deprived’ neighborhoods impact the health of people of color

by Alejandra Borunda, National Geographic

Green spaces make people healthier and happier, but decades of systemic racism have left many people of color living in areas without access to nature.

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California “Big Trees” under threat

by Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott

Construction of the Capitol Annex Project threatens many historic, irreplaceable trees at Capitol Park.

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Triple threats during triple digits

by Kat Kerlin, UC Davis

"Heat, health, and racial disparities build on and exacerbate each other." Sacramento, like many other cities, simply didn't build tree planting strips into the sidewalks and streets of lower income neighborhoods of color. Decades of neglecting to plant trees in places like South Sacramento has created communities who suffer the highest temperatures, the worst air pollution, and the most asthma. These planning decisions have terrible consequences in times when extreme heat waves, joblessness, and COVID-19 have already placed a disproportionate burden on disadvantaged communities.

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