2007 Tree Heroes

2007 C.K. McClatchy Award

George Waegell

One of George's nominators expressed that “At 80 years young, I venture to say that George has planted more oak acorns in and around the Sacramento area than any other volunteer citizen (and maybe even tree!).” Another nominator stated “George is a self proclaimed 'oak nut' and a rare gift to his fellow residents in the Laguna Creek Watershed.” What makes George truly deserving of the C.K. McClatchy award, however, is his desire to teach others to plant and care for trees to ensure that his gift to Sacramento continues. George's 30 years of service as an active member of the Sacramento environmental community deserve to be commended and rewarded. Thank you George, for volunteering to help build the best urban forest.

2007 Austin B. Carroll Award

Southgate Recreation and Parks District

Received by Ward Winchell, General Manager, and Shirley Wirth, Board Member.

In 2006, the Southgate Recreation & Park District set a worthy example of tree planting, care and stewardship efforts and effective education and public awareness activities. During that time, they planted 600 trees, partnered with the Parkway Estates Neighborhood Association to implement the Sacramento Tree Foundation's NeighborWoods program, and accepted ownership of trees planted for mitigation purposes along the Laguna Parkway. Their staff also participated in Sacramento Tree Foundation tree pruning clinics so that they may better care for the trees in their district as well as at their homes.

Their commitment to the trees in their community can be seen in every edition of their quarterly newsletter, The Southgator. This publication, which reaches more than 63,000 mailboxes, told readers about tree vandalism and mitigation projects and educated them on tree facts and the importance of the urban forest.

Southgate sets a great example of what community can mean to canopy. Thank you, Southgate Recreation and Parks District.

2007 Legacy Award

Civil War Trees Memorial at the Historic City Cemetery

At 1000 Broadway, you will find the Historic City Cemetery. Inside the cemetery are nine historic trees which were grown from the seeds of trees from actual Civil War Battlefields and historic sites. The value of these trees to our beautiful and healthy community are known to us, but the education and reminder they provide to future generations of the sacrifices made during the Civil War are a true gift to Sacramento. These trees truly deserves to be recognized for their inherent qualities and hidden majesty within our urban forest!