Learn to plant and maintain strong, healthy trees that will thrive for generations.

Planting and Tending an Oak Seedling

Since 1985, tens of thousands of acorns have been planted and nurtured by school groups. After they are returned to us, the seedlings raised by your students will be cared for until they are ready to be planted in the ground through our NATURE (NAtive Trees in Urban and Rural Environments) program. They will join the thousands of other oaks that students and teachers have nurtured during the past 25 years - oaks that improve our urban forest, regenerate oak woodland habitat and make the Sacramento region a more wonderful place to live.

For classrooms in the Sacramento region, complete an interest form to inquire about receiving acorns and planting materials to utilize in your classroom. Our acorn distribution program takes place each January, so contact us prior to that time. 

Teachers unable to take advantage of our acorn collection and planting program can still utilize the Seed to Seedling curriculum in their classroom. Although growing seedlings in your classroom is a terrific experiential learning activity for your students, it is possible to skip branch 3 entirely and use the other activities throughout this curriculum to teach your students about trees and the urban forest.

If your class is fostering seedlings for the Sacramento Tree Foundation, everything you need to know can be found in Branch 3. If you are collecting acorns and planting them on your own, additional information is included in Appendix 2.