Learn to plant and maintain strong, healthy trees that will thrive for generations.

Tree Celebration

Learning Objective:

Students will be able to:

  • Serve as community Tree Stewards by teaching others about trees.

Time: Depends on scope of celebration


  • Various, depending on celebration


Each celebration is as unique as its participants. Involve students in the planning.

Here are a few considerations and ideas:

  • Think about where the event will be staged. Will you have it in the classroom, a multipurpose room, or outdoors?
  • Decide who will be invited to the event. You may want to invite other classes, parents, or the entire school community. Consider inviting a “tree expert” to the celebration to speak, answer questions and provide additional information about tree stewardship. Consider inviting local media.
  • Set up the area with tables for students to display and discuss their final projects. Students who have composed plays, songs, poems or raps should be able to perform them at some point during the celebration. Make a schedule and post it so everyone knows when he/she will be performing.
  • Make tree hats, especially if younger students are attending. Before the event, have students make trees out of green and brown construction paper (or draw and color a tree shape). Cut wide strips of construction paper to make bands. Attach the tree to the headband. During the celebration, measure each child’s head and staple the ends together to fit.
  • Use construction paper or white contact paper to make badges or stickers in the shape of a tree, leaf or acorn. Ask students to create an original slogan stating why trees are important. Wear these or give them away on celebration day.
  • Decorate the area with banners and posters that celebrate trees.
  • Select favorite books about trees or poems to be read during the celebration (see Resources). Make a display of books about trees and related topics for participants to browse.