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Storing Acorns

After collecting and assessing the viability of the acorns, either plant them in growing containers or in their natural habitat. You may delay planting and keep the seeds in cold storage for several months. Acorns may be stored for up to four months as long as there is stable moisture and cool temperatures. A Ziploc plastic bag makes a great storage container. Store only healthy acorns.

Follow these steps:

1. Separate different species into separate storage bags.

2. Label each bag with the date, specific collection location, and type of oak.

3. Fill the bag no more than halfway with acorns and add 2-3 cups of vermiculite. Potting soil may be used if vermiculite is not available, but should have 2-5 tablespoons of water added prior to storage.

4. Check your acorns every few weeks. If it is wet inside the bags and mold begins to form, wash your acorns with water and repackage in fresh, dry vermiculite.